Buckwheat tea was born 14 centuries ago high in the mountains of Taiwan. Due to extreme drought in China, people saw their crops wither away and began to starve to death. It was there that the Jade Emperor took pity on mortals and gave them healing buckwheat seeds that flourish even at low temperatures.

People soon discovered that by roasting the buckwheat seeds and adding boiling water, they would have a drink with an exceptional aroma and full of benefits. Over time, various types of buckwheat tea have emerged, so it has become a popular remedy for various diseases. In the regions where this tea was prevalent, a decrease in heart and intestinal diseases was noted. This infusion restored the happiness and morale of the peoples, which was especially important in those turbulent years when the dynasties alternated one after another!

Over the centuries the East continued to enjoy this unique drink and only now was it is taken to european countries.